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A worksheet function is represented by a keyword in an Excel formula that performs some action on input and returns output to the calling procedure, either a worksheet cell or another function.

IF statement: how to leave cell blank if condition is false ("" does not work)

I would like to write an IF statement, where the cell is left blank if the condition is FALSE. Note …

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Get values from other sheet using VBA

I want to get values from other sheets. I have some values in Excel (sheet2) for example: A B C …

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Excel formula to get cell color

I would like to know if we can find out the Color of the CELL with the help of any …

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Last non-empty cell in a column

Does anyone know the formula to find the value of the last non-empty cell in a column, in Microsoft Excel?

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Case Function Equivalent in Excel

I have an interesting challenge - I need to run a check on the following data in Excel: | A - …

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Convert date field into text in Excel

I have an Excel file which has a column formatted as date in the format dd-mm-YYYY. I need to convert …

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Excel Reference To Current Cell

How do I obtain a reference to the current cell? For example, if I want to display the width of …

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`IF` statement with 3 possible answers each based on 3 different ranges

I have 3 ranges of numbers and the answer depends on the range. 75-79=0.255 80-84=0.327 85+ =0.559 I tried to create an equation …

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How to show current user name in a cell?

In most of the online resource I can find usually show me how to retrieve this information in VBA. Is …

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Refer to a cell in another worksheet by referencing the current worksheet's name?

I plan to have a workbook with 24 sheets. The sheet names will be: Jan, Jan item, Feb, Feb item, etc. …

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