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Part of a string, or the function/method that returns part of a string

What is the difference between String.slice and String.substring?

Does anyone know what the difference is between these two methods? String.prototype.slice String.prototype.substring

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Fastest way to check a string contain another substring in JavaScript?

I'm working with a performance issue on JavaScript. So I just want to ask: what is the fastest way to …

javascript regex substring
What is the difference between substr and substring?

What is the difference between alert("abc".substr(0,2)); and alert("abc".substring(0,2)); They both seem to output “ab”.

javascript substring
Substring in excel

I have a set of data that shown below on excel. R/V(208,0,32) YR/V(255,156,0) Y/V(255,217,0) R/S(184,28,16) YR/…

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How to remove first 10 characters from a string?

How to ignore the first 10 characters of a string? Input: str = "hello world!"; Output: d!

c# .net string substring
Extract substring from a string

what is the best way to extract a substring from a string in android?

android string substring
Split String by delimiter position using oracle SQL

I have a string and I would like to split that string by delimiter at a certain position. For example, …

sql oracle split substring delimiter
Select query to remove non-numeric characters

I've got dirty data in a column with variable alpha length. I just want to strip out anything that is …

tsql sql-server-2008-r2 substring patindex
How to replace a substring of a string

Assuming I have a String string like this: "abcd=0; efgh=1" and I want to replace "abcd" by "dddd". I have …

java string substring
Limiting the number of characters in a string, and chopping off the rest

I need to create a summary table at the end of a log with some values that are obtained inside …

java string substring