Top "Slice" questions

A slice is a representation of a part of a sequence, usually defined by a reference to the underlying sequence, an index giving the starting position, a length or end position, and optionally a "stride" or "step" value.

Understanding slice notation

I need a good explanation (references are a plus) on Python's slice notation. To me, this notation needs a bit …

python list slice iterable
JavaScript chop/slice/trim off last character in string

I have a string, 12345.00, and I would like it to return 12345.0. I have looked at trim, but it looks like …

javascript slice trim
ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence

This Python code: import numpy as p def firstfunction(): UnFilteredDuringExSummaryOfMeansArray = [] MeanOutputHeader=['TestID','ConditionName','FilterType','RRMean','HRMean', 'dZdtMaxVoltageMean','BZMean','ZXMean','LVETMean',…

python arrays numpy slice
Remove last item from array

I have the following array. var arr = [1,0,2]; I would like to remove the last element i.e. 2. I used arr.…

javascript arrays slice
Fastest way to duplicate an array in JavaScript - slice vs. 'for' loop

In order to duplicate an array in JavaScript: which of the following is faster to use? ###Slice method var dup_…

javascript arrays duplicates copy slice
How to take column-slices of dataframe in pandas

I load some machine learning data from a CSV file. The first 2 columns are observations and the remaining columns are …

python pandas numpy dataframe slice
Is there a foreach loop in Go?

Is there a foreach construct in the Go language? Can I iterate over a slice or array using a for?

go foreach slice
How to get last items of a list in Python?

I need the last 9 numbers of a list and I'm sure there is a way to do it with slicing, …

python list slice
Concatenate two slices in Go

I'm trying to combine the slice [1, 2] and the slice [3, 4]. How can I do this in Go? I tried: append([]int{1,2}, []…

go append slice variadic-functions
Contains method for a slice

Is there anything similar to a slice.contains(object) method in Go without having to do a search through each …

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