Top "Import" questions

The general process of moving data from an external source into one's platform, program, or data set.

How do I import an SQL file using the command line in MySQL?

I have a .sql file with an export from phpMyAdmin. I want to import it into a different server using …

mysql sql command-line import
How do I include a JavaScript file in another JavaScript file?

Is there something in JavaScript similar to @import in CSS that allows you to include a JavaScript file inside another …

javascript file import include
Call a function from another file?

Set_up: I have a .py file for each function I need to use in a program. In this program, …

python file function import
Import Error: No module named numpy

I have a very similar question to this question, but still one step behind. I have only one version of …

python python-3.x numpy import scipy
In Node.js, how do I "include" functions from my other files?

Let's say I have a file called app.js. Pretty simple: var express = require('express'); var app = express.createServer(); app.…

javascript import header node.js
How can I import a database with MySQL from terminal?

How can I import a database with mysql from terminal? I cannot find the exact syntax.

mysql import
Stop Excel from automatically converting certain text values to dates

Does anyone happen to know if there is a token I can add to my csv for a certain field …

excel csv import
Import SQL file into mysql

I have a database called nitm. I haven't created any tables there. But I have a SQL file which contains …

mysql sql database windows import
MYSQL import data from csv using LOAD DATA INFILE

I am importing some data of 20000 rows from a CSV file into Mysql. Columns in the CSV are in a …

mysql csv import load-data-infile
Import Excel spreadsheet columns into SQL Server database

I have an Excel spreadsheet that I want to import select columns into my SQL Server 2008 database table. The wizard …

sql-server excel sql-server-2008 import etl