Top "Type-conversion" questions

Type conversion is the way of implicitly or explicitly changing an entity of one data type into another.

How to convert QString to std::string?

I am trying to do something like this: QString string; // do things... std::cout << string << std::…

c++ qt type-conversion qstring
Setting a property by reflection with a string value

I'd like to set a property of an object through Reflection, with a value of type string. So, for instance, …

c# reflection type-conversion propertyinfo setvalue
How do I convert a Python 3 byte-string variable into a regular string?

I have read in an XML email attachment with bytes_string=part.get_payload(decode=False) The payload comes in …

python-3.x string type-conversion
How to convert a boolean array to an int array

I use Scilab, and want to convert an array of booleans into an array of integers: >>> x = …

python integer boolean type-conversion scilab
How could I convert data from string to long in c#

How could i convert data from string to long in C#? I have data String strValue[i] ="1100.25"; now i want …

c# string type-conversion long-integer
C++ floating point to integer type conversions

What are the different techniques used to convert float type of data to integer in C++? #include <iostream> …

c++ floating-point integer type-conversion typecast-operator
Convert boolean result into number/integer

I have a variable that stores false or true, but I need 0 or 1 instead, respectively. How can I do this?

javascript numbers integer boolean type-conversion
Convert string to integer type in Go?

I'm trying to convert a string returned from flag.Arg(n) to an int. What is the idiomatic way to …

string go type-conversion
how to convert a string to a bool

I have a string that can be either "0" or "1", and it is guaranteed that it won't be anything else. So …

c# type-conversion
Converting Milliseconds to Minutes and Seconds?

I have looked through previous questions, but none had the answer I was looking for. How do I convert milliseconds …

java time type-conversion stopwatch watch