Top "Type-conversion" questions

Type conversion is the way of implicitly or explicitly changing an entity of one data type into another.

Convert string to nullable type (int, double, etc...)

I am attempting to do some data conversion. Unfortunately, much of the data is in strings, where it should be …

c# .net generics extension-methods type-conversion
How to cast/convert pointer to reference in C++

How can I pass a pointer (Object *ob) to a function which prototype is void foo(Object &) ?

c++ pointers casting reference type-conversion
pandas dataframe convert column type to string or categorical

How do I convert a single column of a pandas dataframe to type string? In the df of housing data …

pandas dataframe type-conversion categorical-data
PHP Converting Integer to Date, reverse of strtotime

<?php echo strtotime("2014-01-01 00:00:01")."<hr>"; // output is 1388516401 ?> I am surprised if it can be reverse. …

php date time type-conversion strtotime
Import pandas dataframe column as string not int

I would like to import the following csv as strings not as int64. Pandas read_csv automatically converts it to …

python pandas casting type-conversion dtype
Difference between Convert.ToString() and .ToString()

What is the difference between Convert.ToString() and .ToString()? I found many differences online, but what's the major difference?

c# type-conversion tostring
Leading zeros for Int in Swift

I'd like to convert an Int in Swift to a String with leading zeros. For example consider this code: for …

string swift int type-conversion
Replace logical values (TRUE / FALSE) with numeric (1 / 0)

I am exporting data from R with the command: write.table(output,file = "data.raw", na "-9999", sep = "\t", row.…

r dataframe type-conversion data.table
How to convert from []byte to int in Go Programming

I need to create a client-server example over TCP. In the client side I read 2 numbers and I send them …

tcp client-server byte type-conversion go
Pandas reading csv as string type

I have a data frame with alpha-numeric keys which I want to save as a csv and read back later. …

python pandas casting type-conversion dtype