Top "Reference" questions

A reference is a value that enables a program to indirectly access a particular datum, such as a variable or a record, in the computer's memory or in some other storage device.

How do I pass a variable by reference?

The Python documentation seems unclear about whether parameters are passed by reference or value, and the following code produces the …

python reference parameter-passing pass-by-reference
The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference

I am trying to run some unit tests in a C# Windows Forms application (Visual Studio 2005), and I get the …

c# reference compiler-errors dependencies version
What are the differences between a pointer variable and a reference variable in C++?

I know references are syntactic sugar, so code is easier to read and write. But what are the differences?

c++ pointers reference c++-faq
The type or namespace name could not be found

I have a C# solution with several projects in Visual Studio 2010. One is a test project (I'll call it "PrjTest"), …

c# visual-studio-2010 reference using-statement using-directives
Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies

I'm having another of these "Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies" problems. Additional information: Could …

c# .net reference compiler-errors
How to copy a dictionary and only edit the copy

Can someone please explain this to me? This doesn't make any sense to me. I copy a dictionary into another …

python python-3.x dictionary reference
Creating a copy of an object in C#

Please have a look at the code below (excerpt from a C# book): public class MyClass { public int val; } public …

c# object reference cloning
"Can't find Project or Library" for standard VBA functions

So I'm having to run someone else's excel app on my PC, and I'm getting "Can't find Project or Library" …

excel vba reference namespaces
What's the difference between the 'ref' and 'out' keywords?

I'm creating a function where I need to pass an object so that it can be modified by the function. …

c# reference keyword out ref
Is there a difference between "==" and "is"?

My Google-fu has failed me. In Python, are the following two tests for equality equivalent? n = 5 # Test one. if n == 5: …

python reference equality semantics