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Sed (Stream EDitor) is a command line editor for POSIX environment.

How to delete from a text file, all lines that contain a specific string?

How would I use sed to delete all lines in a text file that contain a specific string?

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How can I replace a newline (\n) using sed?

How can I replace a newline ("\n") with a space ("") using the sed command? I unsuccessfully tried: sed 's#\n# #…

Find and replace in file and overwrite file doesn't work, it empties the file

I would like to run a find and replace on an HTML file through the command line. My command looks …

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How can I remove the first line of a text file using bash/sed script?

I need to repeatedly remove the first line from a huge text file using a bash script. Right now I …

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How to do a recursive find/replace of a string with awk or sed?

How do I find and replace every occurrence of: with in every text file …

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Replace whole line containing a string using Sed

I have a text file which has a particular line something like sometext sometext sometext TEXT_TO_BE_REPLACED sometext …

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How can I extract a predetermined range of lines from a text file on Unix?

I have a ~23000 line SQL dump containing several databases worth of data. I need to extract a certain section of …

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Bash tool to get nth line from a file

Is there a "canonical" way of doing that? I've been using head -n | tail -1 which does the trick, but …

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Delete empty lines using sed

I am trying to delete empty lines using sed: sed '/^$/d' but I have no luck with it. For …

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How to use sed/grep to extract text between two words?

I am trying to output a string that contains everything between two words of a string: input: "Here is a …

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