Top "Global-variables" questions

Global variables are variables that are accessible from all elements of a software component.

Using global variables in a function

How can I create or use a global variable in a function? If I create a global variable in one …

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How do I declare a global variable in VBA?

I wrote the following code: Function find_results_idle() Public iRaw As Integer Public iColumn As Integer iRaw = 1 iColumn = 1 And …

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How do I use extern to share variables between source files?

I know that global variables in C sometimes have the extern keyword. What is an extern variable? What is the …

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How to unset a JavaScript variable?

I have a global variable in JavaScript (actually a window property, but I don't think it matters) which was already …

javascript global-variables undefined
Python function global variables?

I know I should avoid using global variables in the first place due to confusion like this, but if I …

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Global variables in AngularJS

I have a problem where i'm initialising a variable on the scope in a controller. Then it gets changed in …

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How to declare a global variable in php?

I have code something like this: <? $a="localhost"; function body(){ global $a; echo $a; } function head(){ global $a; echo $…

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Use of "global" keyword in Python

What I understand from reading the documentation is that Python has a separate namespace for functions, and if I want …

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Android global variable

How can I create global variable keep remain values around the life cycle of the application regardless which activity running.

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Declare global variables in Visual Studio 2010 and VB.NET

How do I declare a global variable in Visual Basic? These variables need to be accessible from all the Visual … global-variables