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Angular's date pipe that transforms a date into various formats.

Format date as dd/MM/yyyy using pipes

I'm using the date pipe to format my date, but I just can't get the exact format I want without …

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How to set locale in DatePipe in Angular 2?

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How to get date and time in Angular 4,5,6 and above using DatePipe

I am working in an angular 4 application, Here I need to get the current Date and Time Using angular DatePipe. …

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Angular 4 date pipe displays wrong date because of time zones - how to fix this?

I have a date value in each of my objects that I can Print like this: <td> {{competition.…

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How to use angular2 built-in date pipe in services and directives script files

I need to use angular2's date pipe in services and directives script files(not only in HTML). Does anyone …

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Angular 4 Date Pipe converting wrongly

I have rest service which returns a collection of objects and one of the field of the item is a …

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