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Sending POST data in Android

I'm experienced with PHP, JavaScript and a lot of other scripting languages, but I don't have a lot of experience …

java php android client-server httpconnection
How do multiple clients connect simultaneously to one port, say 80, on a server?

I understand the basics of how ports work. However, what I don't get is how multiple clients can simultaneously connect …

http tcp connection client-server port
Sending files using POST with HttpURLConnection

Since the Android developers recommend to use the HttpURLConnection class, I was wondering if anyone can provide me with a …

android http post client-server httpurlconnection
Is there a WebSocket client implemented for Python?

I found this project: for a WebSocket server, but I need to implement a …

python client-server xmpp websocket
What is a simple C or C++ TCP server and client example?

I need to quickly implement a very small C or C++ TCP server/client solution. This is simply to transfer …

c++ tcp client-server
How to convert from []byte to int in Go Programming

I need to create a client-server example over TCP. In the client side I read 2 numbers and I send them …

tcp client-server byte type-conversion go
Java socket API: How to tell if a connection has been closed?

I am running into some issues with the Java socket API. I am trying to display the number of players …

java sockets networking client-server local class incompatible:

I created client and server and then added a class in client side for serializing purposes, then simply just went …

java serialization client-server deserialization
Simple TCPClient/Listener ("hello world") example

All I'm looking for is a simple TCPClient/Listener ("hello world") example. I'm a newbie and Microsoft TCPClient/Listener class … client-server tcpclient tcplistener
C socket: recv and send all data

I would like to obtain a behavior similar to this: Server run Client run Client type a command like "help" …

c sockets client-server send recv