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A string is a finite sequence of symbols, commonly used for text, though sometimes for arbitrary data.

Java - Convert integer to string

Given a number: int number = 1234; Which would be the "best" way to convert this to a string: String stringNumber = "1234"; I …

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How can I convert String to Int?

I have a TextBoxD1.Text and I want to convert it to an int to store it in a database. …

c# .net string int type-conversion
Why does comparing strings using either '==' or 'is' sometimes produce a different result?

I've got a Python program where two variables are set to the value 'public'. In a conditional expression I have …

python string comparison identity equality
Best way to convert string to bytes in Python 3?

There appear to be two different ways to convert a string to bytes, as seen in the answers to TypeError: …

python string character-encoding python-3.x
How to check if a String is numeric in Java

How would you check if a String was a number before parsing it?

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PHP equivalent of .NET/Java's toString()

How do I convert the value of a PHP variable to string? I was looking for something better than concatenating …

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How to read a text file into a string variable and strip newlines?

I use the following code segment to read a file in python: with open ("data.txt", "r") as myfile: data=…

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Convert int to string?

How can I convert an int datatype into a string datatype in C#?

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Remove specific characters from a string in Python

I'm trying to remove specific characters from a string using Python. This is the code I'm using right now. Unfortunately …

python string immutability