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Package broadly refers to two things: 1) a usable unit/component of built/compiled software, or 2) a partition of the global namespace (Java).

How to install pip with Python 3?

I want to install pip. It should support Python 3, but it requires setuptools, which is available only for Python 2. How …

python python-3.x pip package setuptools
What is for?

What is for in a Python source directory?

python module package python-packaging
Find the version of an installed npm package

How to find the version of an installed node.js/npm package? This prints the version of npm itself: npm …

node.js package npm
"pip install unroll": "python egg_info" failed with error code 1

I'm new to Python and have been trying to install some packages with pip. But pip install unroll gives me …

python pip package installation
How should I deal with "package 'xxx' is not available (for R version x.y.z)" warning?

I tried to install a package, using install.packages("foobarbaz") but received the warning Warning message: package 'foobarbaz' is not …

r installation repository package r-faq
How to remove a package from Laravel using composer?

What is the correct way to remove a package from Laravel using composer? So far I've tried: Remove declaration from …

laravel laravel-4 package composer-php uninstallation
Python 3: ImportError "No Module named Setuptools"

I'm having troubles with installing packages in Python 3. I have always installed packages with install. But now, when …

python module package python-3.3
How to fix "Attempted relative import in non-package" even with

I'm trying to follow PEP 328, with the following directory structure: pkg/ components/ tests/ core_…

python package python-import importerror init
How do I install an R package from source?

A friend sent me along this great tutorial on webscraping NYtimes with R. I would really love to try it. …

r package installation r-faq
Relative imports - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named x

This is the first time I've really sat down and tried python 3, and seem to be failing miserably. I have …

python python-3.x package python-import relative-import