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Only for questions on programming against Excel objects or files, or complex formula development.

Export MySQL data to Excel in PHP

I'm trying to get my MySQL data to Excel file, but I'm having problems with Excel cells. All my text …

php mysql excel export
Closing Excel Application using VBA

I have used the following without success. The active workbook closes, indeed, but the excel window remains open. Application.ActiveWindow.…

excel vba excel-2007
Export SQL query data to Excel

I have a query that returns a very large data set. I cannot copy and paste it into Excel which …

sql sql-server excel export-to-excel
Case Function Equivalent in Excel

I have an interesting challenge - I need to run a check on the following data in Excel: | A - …

excel worksheet-function
How can I find last row that contains data in a specific column?

How can I find the last row that contains data in a specific column and on a specific sheet?

excel vba
Excel VBA calling sub from another sub with multiple inputs, outputs of different sizes

I would like to call a sub from another sub inside in the same module. The first sub would be …

excel vba input subroutine
How to clear the entire array?

I have an array like this: Dim aFirstArray() As Variant How do I clear the entire array? What about a …

arrays excel vba
Generating CSV file for Excel, how to have a newline inside a value

I need to generate a file for Excel, some of the values in this file contain multiple lines. there's also …

excel csv newline
How do I use FileSystemObject in VBA?

Is there something that I need to reference? How do I use this: Dim fso As New FileSystemObject Dim fld …

excel vba filesystemobject
Detect whether Excel workbook is already open

In VBA, I opened an MS Excel file named "myWork.XL" programmatically. Now I would like a code that can …

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