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A simple collection data type found in some languages / platforms (such as in Java or .NET).

Searching in a ArrayList with custom objects for certain strings

I have a ArrayList with custom objects. I want to search inside this ArrayList for Strings. The class for the …

java search arraylist custom-object
From Arraylist to Array

I want to know if it is safe/advisable to convert from ArrayList to Array? I have a text file …

java arraylist
Retrieving a random item from ArrayList

I'm learning Java and I'm having a problem with ArrayList and Random. I have an object called catalogue which has …

java arraylist random
What are the differences between ArrayList and Vector?

What are the differences between the two data structures ArrayList and Vector, and where should you use each of them?

java vector arraylist
How do I update the element at a certain position in an ArrayList?

I have one ArrayList of 10 Strings. How do I update the index 5 with another String value?

java arraylist
Java ArrayList - how can I tell if two lists are equal, order not mattering?

I have two ArrayLists of type Answer (self-made class). I'd like to compare the two lists to see if they …

java arraylist
java: ArrayList - how can i check if an index exists?

I'm using ArrayList<String> and I add data at specific indices, how can I check if a specific …

java arraylist
How to insert an object in an ArrayList at a specific position

Suppose I have an ArrayList of objects of size n. Now I want to insert an another object at specific …

java arraylist
Sum all the elements java arraylist

If I had: ArrayList<Double> m = new ArrayList<Double>(); with the double values ​​inside, how should …

java arraylist sum
List<String> to ArrayList<String> conversion issue

I have a following method...which actually takes the list of sentences and splits each sentence into words. Here is …

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